Suspended Fairy Bridge: Tutorial
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Suspended Fairy Bridge: Tutorial

Woohoo, I bought a glue gun! I am more excited than I probably should be about a glue gun

The first project on my list was a Suspended Fairy Bridge. What’s a suspended Fairy Bridge you ask? I can’t believe that you’ve never encountered a Suspended Fairy Bridge before. Why, a fair bridge is a little suspended bridge to help fairies get between the trees in the woods at the end of the garden

If you have some fairies that need a suspended bridge, then here’s a quick (and very basic) tutorial for you

Suspended Fairy Bridge Tutorial

You will need:

– Glue – PVA is good, but a glue gun is more fun!
– String/twine
– Lollypop/popsickle sticks

String and Lollypop sticks

Measure how long your suspended fairy bridge needs to be and add on a few inches either end for securing it to the tree. The exact amount you need to add on will depend on how thick your trees are. I actually went to the bottom of the garden with my string and hung it between the trees, rather than actually measuring with a tape measure

Cut two pieces of string the the correct length

String for suspended fairy bridge

Lay out your lollypop sticks on a piece of paper/newspaper approximately 2″ apart

Lollypop sticks for suspended fairy bridge

Apply a dab of glue approximately 1″ from the top of the stick and press on the string (remembering to leave a tail of string for wrapping around the tree). Repeat with the other end of the stick. I did these in batches of about 6-8 at a time, which was as many as my piece of protective paper could accommodate. Remember to leave a tail at the other end of the string for wrapping around the other tree!

Hang your suspended fairy bridge at the bottom of the garden when the children are in bed and wait to see how many days it will be before they notice it hanging in the trees (I’ll let you know!)

Suspended Fairy Bridge in action

suspended fairy bridge close up

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