The Reveal: Craftaholics Handmade Gift Exchange
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The Reveal: Craftaholics Handmade Gift Exchange

The other week I mentioned that I had taken part in the Craftaholics Handmade Gift Exchange. Well, after a long journey the gift I sent to my exchange partner has finally arrived in Washington state.

Crochet Hook Case Closed

I discovered from her profile that she liked to crochet and I had some fabric that I thought might fit the bill so I decided that I would make her a crochet hook case

Crochet Hook Case Detail

I’ve designed it with curved corners on the top edges that tuck in nicely when you roll it up

Crochet Hook Case Open

There are 7 small pockets for crochet hooks and 4 wide pockets for larger handled hooks, stitch holders and maybe even some double pointed needles

Thankfully my swap partner loves the case! Here’s what she had to say….

I received your gift! It’s beautiful and I love it! The fabric you chose is is just exactly in the style that I like (neutral with pop of color). Crocheting is one of my favorite wintertime hobbies. I have so many hooks of different sizes, and I have been crocheting since childhood, its actually strange to think that up until now I have never had a nice crochet hook organizer! 😀 I’m very happy with it, thank you!

I did a quick search to find out when I first pulled together the pattern and it seems that it was quite some time ago…I had intended on writing up a tutorial for the case but a rather large amount of time seems to have slipped by! Maybe now is the right time?

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