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Tilda Blog Hop :: Sewing by Heart, a Flower Quilt


Tilda are launching a new book, Sewing by Heart. This time it’s an ebook! Super handy so you can get going with your sewing straight away rather than waiting for it to arrive in the post!! Click on the front cover below to have a sneaky look at some of the projects in the book

Want some more good news? Tilda have also launched a fabulous new range of prints…the Harvest collection. As always there are some stunning prints but my favourite is the Bird Tree print, without a doubt, just don’t ask me to choose which colourway!

The team at Sew and So are celebrating the launch of Sewing by Heart and the Harvest collection with a blog hop. Have a look at the Sew and So website to check out the other people taking part in the Tilda blog hop.

I had a browse through the Sewing by Heart book to try and figure out what to make for the blog hop. There are so many lovely projects to choose from, made more difficult by the beautiful photography! The Flower Quilt however really took my eye.

I was sent a selection of five fat quarters from the new Harvest range of fabrics, but 5 fat quarters do not make a quilt (well, not a very big one!) so I decided to raid my Tilda stash to see what I had left over from the Bumblebee blog hop and the Cabbage Rose blog hop to see if there was something that I could mix in with the new Harvest range.

Sewing by Heart Flower Quilt made for the Tilda Blog Hop

I found a couple of greens for the stems and leaves and a strong pink for one of the flowers. That’s one of the great things about Tilda fabrics, there’s a true design/brand identity and so many of the prints work well together.Sewing by Heart Flower Quilt made for the Tilda Blog Hop

The Flower Quilt that I made was certainly smaller than the one in the pattern, but it’s just the right size for my girls to snuggle under. My little quilt measures 6 flowers across and 4 flowers high (36″ wide x 48″ high).

Tilda Harvest Flower Quilt with EmilyI worked on my Flower Quilt over the summer as and when I could find the time. Easier said than done when there are two little ones at home! I posted some of my work in progress pictures on instagram if you are interested in having a look at parts of my journey.

Sewing by Heart launches on September 29th and is available to pre-order now!

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  • Really pretty quilt. x

  • Beautiful. x

  • All the best for the new book. That is a beautiful quilt you have here.


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