Tube Skirt, inspired by Miss P
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Tube Skirt, inspired by Miss P

I say inspired, but I actually mean completely ripped off!

Some time ago Miss P made this exact same skirt and wrote a simple tube skirt tutorial to go with it.

Despite us having very different figure types I decided I needed the exact same skirt so I bought the exact same fabric and followed the tutorial and made the exact same skirt!

Black Beige Stripe Design Double Jersey Clearance Dress Fabric - per metre

Just £4.99 for a metre of Aztec ish double jersey from Minerva Crafts, what a great deal. The skirt start to finish took me less than an hour. What more you can ask for? Simple to make and a great price too. Happy bunny.

Aztec skirt using the free tutorial from Miss PI usually say that the best thing about sewing clothes for yourself is that you create something truly unique, but not in this case! I love my skirt, thanks for the tutorial Miss P!

How about you, are you influenced by sewing projects you see online? Do you end up wanting to make the very same thing or does it inspire you to make something ‘same but different’?


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