Tutorial: Housewife and Oxford Pillow/Cushion Cover
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Tutorial: Housewife and Oxford Pillow/Cushion Cover

Not so long ago I wrote a couple of posts about how to make a simple Housewife or Oxford pillow case/cushion cover. I’ve now pulled all of the information together, taken a few new pictures and have saved them into a free pdf tutorial for you. Everything you need to get you on your way to pillow heaven!

Simple Envelope Style Pillow Cover

You can get your free copy of the tutorial following a link on my Patterns and Tutorials tab at the top of the page

Happy Sewing

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  • What I have found to be the best way to tackle pillow rotation is to use Patchwork Pillow Cushion Covers. I have recently added a whole slew of these wonderful white pillows to my family room and bedroom.


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