Two skirts from one dress
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Two skirts from one dress

A while back I bought this very 80’s dress from a chairty shop. The print was so summery that I couldn’t walk past it.
Beleive it or not it actually fitted me perfectly, I’m just not sure I was going to be able to carry off the 80s vibe with any actual style or confidence!

80s floral frock

The dress therefore was destined to become something new. Actually two somethings new!

First up was a flared skirt for Charlotte. As far as Charlotte is concerend a skirt is not worth having if you can’t do a decent twirl in it!

I used the button band from the back of the dress (sorry no pictures of how it used to look at the back as the camera ‘lost’ them) for a mock front opening. I then cut a large piece for the back of the skirt along with a flat front waist band and an elasticated back .

Orange floral skirt placket detail

I sewed it up in a morning whilst she was at nursery and I’m pleased with how I got on. The most important thing is that Charlotte loves it and it gives good twirl!

Second up was supposed to be a skirt for Emily. I decided to go for a bubble skirt, you know, so they are the same but different! My husband has a ‘thing’ about the girls wearing the same outfits. He’s really not a fan, but I’ll tell you a secret….I think it’s cute. So a matching skirt for Emily was on the cards.

Sadly the cotton seems a bit too stiff and the bubble skirt I made was just not right (and a bit too short). I think I shall try again with some new fabric….

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