What makes a post go viral?
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What makes a post go viral?

I saw this post the other day on The Sewing Rabbit about what makes a post go viral

What Makes a Post Go Viral?

It was an interesting post and there are some great links for roundups, tutorials, patterns and recipes.

It got me thinking…what have been my top posts since I have been quietly blogging in my corner of the internet?

I checked out my stats and two of my most popular posts have been (by the way, these posts have in no way gone viral, they’re just my top posts!)

New Pencils…just a random post about some, erm, new pencils. This was (five!) years ago and it was just a quick snapshot I took one day, but I’ve had a lot of positive comments about it. I was even approached by someone wanting to enlarge it and display it in their offices.

New Pencils

The other popular post was one that I wrote to support week one of the first series of the Great British Sewing Bee.

Great British Sewing Bee Series 1 Week 1 Roundup

It was a roundup of what they covered in the show and links to the challenges they had to complete and the skills that they used. Go have a look…everyone else has! Ok, maybe not everyone else, but a fair number of people that have read my blog

On that note, I can’t wait for series two of the Great British Sewing Bee…I wonder whether it will be scheduled to take place at the same time of year? Something to look forwards to in the spring…only 6 1/2 months to wait!

What have your top blog posts been about? Let me know and I’ll go have a read if I’ve not done so already!

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