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Continuous Flying Geese Strips FPP Templates

Use these FPP Flying Geese Strips to make beautiful and precise quilt blocks!

Flying Geese are a classic patchwork block on their own but they also combine really well to make up many other great block styles. Continuous strips of Flying Geese are where you have a longer line of Flying Geese units stacked on top of each other in a line.

Strips of Continuous Flying Geese units look great in so many patchwork and quilting projects:

  • whole quilts
  • borders
  • feature blocks
  • accent blocks
  • accent on bags, purses and pouches

Flying Geese strips can look great in many different patchwork and quilting projects, but particularly on a smaller scale, they can be tricky to get ‘just right’. This is where these Continuous Foundation Paper Piecing templates to make Flying Geese Strips come into their own!

Sewing using the Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) method gives you the control that you need when working with Flying Geese Strips. All you need to do is sew on the line and wonderfully precise and straight strips of Flying Geese units are well within your grasp!

No need to worry so much about:

  • overly precise cutting of lots of squares and rectangles
  • sewing an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance
  • dealing with bias edges

The process of FPP means that the paper acts as the foundation or stabiliser for your sewing. This greatly reduces the issues that you normally face when dealing with bias edges….there’s nothing more annoying than seams that have become wobbly and longer than intended!

The solid lines on the FPP templates show you exactly where you have to sew, so there are no concerns about getting your 1/4″ seam allowance totally correct (vital particularly when making the really small Flying Geese).

For me, best of all, FPP means that you don’t need to cut totally precise squares and rectangles to sew with. You can be a little more ‘rough’, cut freehand shapes (maybe only an option for the more confident) or indeed you can make use of your stash of scraps.

This really is a great way of making continuous strips of Flying Geese units!

Here's more about these FPP Templates...

The FPP Flying Geese Strips templates are a pdf file that you can print at home. The downloadable file includes eleven (yes, 11!) different sizes of templates. This gives you lots different options for any number of patchwork projects.

Even though the smallest flying geese are only 1″ wide, don’t be intimidated by the tiny piecing. You make the small flying geese in the exact same way as you make the larger sizes. All I would say though is that working with a 1/8″ seam allowance will make stitching and pressing easier and your strip of Flying Geese will be less bulky.

Each of the 11 strip sizes have been laid out on its own page (which can be printed on A4 or US Letter paper) so that you can print out just what you need, meaning that you are not wasting paper.

In addition, the smaller strip sizes have multiple templates to a page, which makes things efficient for you, should you be making multiple or longer strips.

There is a handy chart on page 3 of the instructions that summarises the flying geese strip sizes, pages and number of strips per page.

Not quite the right length of strip?

Don’t worry if the strip for your chosen size of Flying Geese isn’t the exact length you are looking for. Pages 4 & 5 of the instructions show you how to lengthen or shorten your strips to your desired length.

Buy the Continuous Flying Geese FPP Templates Today!

Are you ready to start sewing?

If so, then you can buy and download a copy of this great pdf today.

Remember, your download includes 11 different sizes of templates, ranging from:

1″ wide x 1/2″ high

up to

6″ wide x 3″ high in size

Want help with cutting fabrics?

When working with Flying Geese FPP Strips you can save time and fabric by working with pre-prepared pieces of fabric.

To save you from the ‘quilt math’ or having to work out exactly what you need to cut out, sign up to the newsletter and receive this handy cheat sheet. It tells you the size of squares you need to cut out (and then cut into triangles) depending on what size of Flying Geese you are working on.

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Looking for more FPP templates?

If you love making quilt blocks using Foundation Paper Piecing, then check out some of the other FPP Quilt Block Templates that are available for immediate download for you to print at home.

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