Economy Block FPP Templates

Economy Block FPP Templates


Make super accurate Economy Blocks with these printable Economy Block FPP Templates.

This file includes templates for Economy Blocks in six different finished block sizes, ranging from 1” up to 6”.

See below for more information about these Economy Block FPP Templates

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This downloadable file is 9 pages long and includes templates for Economy Blocks in 6 different finished block sizes.

Each finished size of block has been laid out on a different page so that you are able to print only the page(s) that you need. The smaller blocks have multiple copies per page.

:: 1” finished – 20 templates
:: 2” finished – 6 templates
:: 3” finished – 4 templates
:: 4” finished – 2 templates
:: 5” finished – 1 template
:: 6” finished – 1 template

Each page features a 1” test square so that after you have printed the page you can check your printer settings before printing out multiple copies and/or starting to sew. See page 2 of the pdf download for more information.

Pages have been laid out so that you can print on either A4 or US Letter paper.

If you are looking for some help with planning your colour scheme or fabric placement, try the FREE Economy Block Colouring Pages printable.


Drop by the facebook group if you have any further questions or would like to share with me what you’ve made!




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