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Feature :: Doorway Puppet Theatre, Love Sewing, Issue 11

Check out the Doorway Puppet Theatre that I designed for issue 11 of Love Sewing magazine. You can either get a back issue of the magazine or buy a copy of the comprehensive pdf pattern from this website

Portable Doorway Puppet Theatre

It’s made with a channel at the top so that you can slide in a spring loaded extendable tension curtain rod (you can get one on Amazon via this affiliate link). That way there are no holes in your door frames, you can adjust the height you hang it at and you can put it up in any doorway that takes your fancy!

Doorway Puppet Theatre Curtains

The pattern includes instructions on making a little set of curtains that add to the magic and mystery of theatre. Wouldn’t the Doorway Puppet Theatre also make a good ‘stage’ for a little magic show?

Doorway Ice-cream Shop

When my girls were little they really loved their Doorway Puppet Theatre. I was subjected invited to many a show over the years. Not only did they use it for putting on a whole range of performances, they also used it as a shop window and a food serving hatch!

Get the pattern for the Doorway Puppet Theatre

You’ll find a tutorial and pattern piece in issue 11 of Love Sewing magazine. This was published in 2005.

If you can’t get a back issue of Love Sewing Magazine then a full and more detailed version of the Doorway Puppet Theatre is available on the website.

The pdf pattern features many more digitally drawn illustrations and some photographs to help you make a Doorway Puppet Theatre with ease.

  • Doorway Puppet Theatre


    This Doorway Puppet Theatre is just the perfect project to make for the little ones in your life!

    This is the perfect make for inspiring creativity in children. You will be amazed at the plays, musicals and magic shows that they can come up with. It will keep them busy for hours on end! The Doorway Puppet Theatre is ideal for rainy day play or to bring out on those dark winter afternoons.

Buy a Tension Rod for your Doorway Puppet Theatre

For the top of my Puppet Theatre, I used an extendible curtain rod/tension rod. It’s great as it is strong, yet lightweight and you can adjust it to fit the width of your doorway (without having to drill any holes!).


If you click and buy I will receive a few pennies in commission from Amazon as an affiliate. Don’t worry, you will pay the same price regardless.

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  • Genius, pure genius – what fun – i’d love a go myself !! well done for the published article

  • This is beautiful! Would love to make it for my sons but can’t seem to find the pattern through the link provided.
    Could you tell me where I can find it?
    Thanks so much!

    Toni Stephens

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