FREE :: Mini Bunting for Doorway Puppet Theatre
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FREE :: Mini Bunting for Doorway Puppet Theatre

Did you see the Portable Doorway Theatre that I designed for Issue 11 of Love Sewing magazine? I think it’s one of my most favourite things I’ve ever made and the girls certainly love it too!

I have written a tutorial for making a little row of bunting to hang from the top of your Doorway Puppet Theatre, you know, just in case it’s a jolly kind of performance!

Mini Bunting Tutorial

Materials & Equipment Required
:: Several pieces of cotton in a variety of colours (or all one colour if you are feeling lazy prefer)
:: 1m cord
:: Marking pen/chalk
:: Scissors
:: Sewing Machine
:: Thread to match fabrics selected
:: Pinking shears

How to Make

:: Download the Flag Template, print off and cut out.

:: Trace Flag Template onto fabric(s) and cut out. I’ve made 5 flags, but you could make more if you prefer. There’s room for 8 flags if you place them right next to each other.

:: Fold each flag in half with wrong sides together and sew with 1/4″ seam allowance on the two long edges and 3/8″ from the folded edge, as per the diagram below.

Bunting Seam Allowance Guide

Flags Seam Allowances

:: Trim the two long edges with pinking shears.

Pinked Edges of Bunting Flags

:: Thread the flags onto the cord.

:: Make a loop at either end of the cord. If your cord frays dab a bit of fabric glue on the ends or melt them (but only if you can be trusted to be sensible with a match!).

Loops for Doorway Puppet Theatre Buntin

:: You are now ready to hang your bunting onto the tension pole of your Doorway Puppet Theatre.

Bunting for Doorway Puppet Theatre

As usual, let me know if you’ve made a Doorway Puppet Theatre and some Bunting. I love to see your makes…it really does make my day!


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