Hanging Beehive : FPP Quilt Block

Hanging Beehive : FPP Quilt Block


The beehive is a honey-making hub of happiness where the industrious workers buzz in and out, creating their liquid gold!

Use this Hanging Beehive FPP quilt block on it’s own or combine with some of my other blocks to create a fabulous project!

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The Hanging Beehive FPP quilt block pdf pattern includes two finished block sizes: 6″ and 10″. There are also TWO different door options to choose between.

The pdf INSTRUCTIONS feature:

:: Coloured illustration of the block
:: Blank diagram and key for colouring and/or planning fabric placement
:: Diagrams for joining the FPP sections, including where it’s important to match seams (look out for the green circles)
:: Guidance on printing the pattern pieces the correct size


:: Digitally drawn pattern pieces
:: 1/4″ seam allowances on all sections
:: Reversed so you create a block that looks exactly as the illustration
:: Coloured and labelled to make construction as easy as possible
:: Laid out to print on A4 or Letter paper

If you are new to downloadable pdf patterns then have a look at the blog post How to Assemble pdf Sewing Patterns 


This pattern for the hanging beehive FPP quilt block is for people that are familiar with Foundation Paper Piecing. This pattern features the same block in two different sizes. The 10″ version is definitely the easier of the two as the pieces are larger in size.

The 6″ block is more challenging and you will benefit from the use of an ‘add an eighth’ ruler.

There are six seams to match when joining sections (refer to green circles on page 5 of the instructions).


Drop by the facebook group if you have any further questions or would like to share with me what you’ve made!


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