Sewing Machine Practise Sheets

Sewing Machine Practise Sheets


These printable Sewing Machine Practise Sheets are ideal for getting a feel for your sewing machine!

There are 8 pages, each with different lines or shapes to follow plus puzzles for you to complete. Start by sewing without thread in your machine to improve your confidence.

Read below for more details about the Sewing Machine Practice Sheets.

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Starting to learn to sew can be quite daunting and it can sometimes feel as though the machine runs away with you. Sewing through paper is a great way to start sewing and getting a feel for the machine.

These Sewing Machine Practise Sheets have been designed to help build your confidence when it comes to learning to control the ‘direction of travel’ and the speed at which you sew.

Sewing Machine Practise Sheets feature the following activities:

  • Straight Lines – great for practising sewing straight. Try sewing really slowly or go a bit faster
  • Zig Zag Lines – get the hang of sewing in straight lines and pivoting to turn a corner
  • Wavy Lines – learn to gently move your work to sew a curved line
  • Shapes – just for fun, but a great way of practicing your straight lines, pivoting and curves
  • Dot to Dot – sew (with or without thread) from number to number to complete the picture!
  • Mazes – two mazes to help you practice sewing…choose to sew straight lines and pivot or sew in a smooth line. The second maze is definitely more tricky!

Sewing Machine Practise Sheets can be printed on A4 or Letter paper


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