Storm at Sea Block Colouring Pages

Storm at Sea Block Colouring Pages


The movement in the Storm at Sea design is just wonderful. Plan your colours and fabric placement for your Storm at Sea project with these Colouring Pages.

There are seven different layouts included in this FREE printable.

Read below for more details about the Storm at Sea Block Colouring Pages.

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This downloadable file is 7 pages long and includes seven different colouring templates to help you plan your colour scheme or fabric placement when using Storm at Sea units.

There are two different grid layouts for you to work with, each have a number of colouring templates for you to use:

  • 3 x 3 grid
    • 1 unit
    • 4 units (2 different versions)
    • 16 units
  • 4 x 4 grid
    • 1 unit
    • 4 units
    • 16 units

The Storm at Sea design is wonderful as there is so much movement. Using these Colouring Pages will help you explore some of the impressive designs that can be made using these simple blocks.

Love Foundation Paper Piecing?

The Storm at Sea design is made from Economy Blocks and Diamonds in a Rectangle. Both of these can be pieced the traditional way but if you love the accuracy of FPP then why not try the FPP Storm at Sea Block Templates. The file includes templates to create 3 different Storm at Sea units in two different grid layouts. Click here for more information or to buy and download.

Storm at Sea Quilt Block


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