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Gallery :: Nifty Needlebook

Now, I know I should not have favourites, but I do love the Nifty Needlebook. It’s a wonderful project that is great for using delicious fabrics, but only small amounts (so no harm done!) and really doesn’t take that long to make.  A needlebook is a great project to make for yourself but it’s also a lovely project to make for a friend that loves sewing!

The Nifty Needlebook Gallery of Makes showcases some of the wonderful makes that have been shared with me. There are some super fabric choices and some great versions.

The pictures in this Gallery are a collection of my makes, versions from my testers and pictures from customers that have purchased the pattern or taken the on demand class. I am sure that you be inspired to make a Nifty Needlebook…every time I look through the pictures I want to make another!

Get your Nifty Needlebook project featured

When you have looked through this fabulous selection below, I just know that you will be itching to make a Nifty Needlebook! As soon as you have made yours send me some pictures and I’ll get you added to the Gallery of Makes. You too can then be part of this inspirational group!

You can either send me a picture on email or if you’re sharing a picture on Instagram tag me @victoriapeat,  tag the picture with #niftyneedlebook I’d really love to see all of  the different versions and all of the wonderful fabric choices.

Nifty Needlebook Option 1 Front Cover
Sue Carrier Nifty Needlebook Option 1
Victoria Peat Nifty Needlebook Option 2
Adelle Pears Nifty Needlebook
Nifty Needlebook pretty bound pocket by Joanne Gallivan
Nifty Needlebook Version 1 by Victoria Peat
Set of Nifty Needlebooks by Jo Gallivan
Patricia Dunham Nifty Needlebook Option 1
Victoria Peat Nifty Needlebook Option 2
Lacey Poirier Needlebook Inside
Victoria Peat Needlebook Option 1 Pages
Set of Nifty Needlebooks by Joanne Gallivan
Nifty Needlebook by Victoria Peat Embroidered Pocket
Lacey Poirier Nifty Needlebook Option 4
Sue Carrier Nifty Needlebook Inside
Victoria Peat Nifty Needlebook Bound Slip Pocket
Half Inch Hexies for Nifty Needlebook
Pretty pages on the Nifty Needlebook by Joanne Gallivan
Stack of Nifty Needlebooks by Victoria Peat
Joanne Gallivan Spools of Thread Nifty Needlebook
Jo Gallivan Green Nifty Needlebook Option 3
Victoria Peat Nifty Needlebook with Star and Spools of Thread
Victoria Peat Nifty Needlebook Embroidered Pocket
Nifty Needlebook by Joanne Gallivan
Nifty Needlebook by Victoria Peat

Buy a copy of the Nifty Needlebook pattern or enrol on the On Demand Class!

The Nifty Needlebook pdf pattern is available to buy and download from the website. Alternatively you can sign up for the Nifty Needlebook On Demand Class (which includes a copy of the pattern)

Buy the Pattern
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Nifty Needlebook On Demand Class

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